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Fast, Flexible, and Scalable Pentesting to Strengthen Your Security Posture

Organizations are finding that traditional pentests are limiting and fail to deliver scalable solutions to improve security and prevent cyber attacks. Cobalt’s modern SaaS platform, coupled with an exclusive community of expert pentesters, helps companies like yours remediate risk quickly and innovate securely.

With Cobalt, you can:

  • Scale offensive security operations
  • Ensure continuous penetration testing 
  • Implement a data-driven pentesting approach
  • Deliver the outcomes needed for rapid development cycles
  • Collaborate with pentesters in real time for faster triage and remediation 
  • Maximize retesting capabilities to ensure issues have been fully remediated
  • Give the insights needed for a data-driven security program


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A Dynamic Pentest Platform




Launch Pentests in Days, Not Weeks
The Cobalt platform is designed for faster planning, scheduling, and onboarding. So whether it’s your first pentest or your fiftieth, you can quickly scope and spin up a new pentest with ease.
Customer Spotlight
Verifone is one of the largest payment service providers, acting globally on hardware and software platforms for payment services. Delivering safe, secure, and reliable payment solutions is at the forefront of the company’s commitment to its customers. With that in mind, Verifone was looking for strong security testing to assure that payments are secure for customers and partners.
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“Pendo is a complicated product. It takes time to wrap your mind around how it works. But the quality of the results we got from Cobalt was greater than what I had seen in comparable pentests. I felt like they were digging deep, and that’s not something I’ve always seen in the past. Where previously I might have expected two consultants to be assigned to a project, Cobalt brought five pentesters, each with different skills that complemented each other.”
Chuck Kesler
CISO at Pendo

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