Modern Pentesting for Healthcare Cybersecurity Experts

Fast, Flexible, and Scalable Pentesting to Strengthen Your Security Posture

The healthcare industry generates, processes, and stores some of the most confidential and sensitive information that exists in the world today. Thus, it is crucial that dependable protections are implemented to shield this information and that potential leaks or data breaches are prevented. Cobalt’s SaaS platform, coupled with an exclusive community of pentesters, helps healthcare organizations like your organization remediate risk quickly and innovate securely. 

With Cobalt, you can:

  • Scale offensive security operations
  • Ensure continuous penetration testing 
  • Implement a data-driven pentesting approach
  • Strengthen your organization's security posture
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A Dynamic Pentest Platform




Launch Pentests in Days, Not Weeks
The Cobalt platform is designed for faster planning, scheduling, and onboarding. So whether it’s your first pentest or your fiftieth, you can quickly scope and spin up a new pentest with ease.
Customer Spotlight
Cobalt is available before, during, and after the pentesting process to communicate in real time if any additional security testing is needed. Sentara was able to request testing for a new system, and within a couple of days they were ready to go. Cobalt notified the team immediately about any critical findings, and the flow of communication was open for Sentara to go ahead and respond in real time.With Cobalt as a partner, Sentara can do direct integrations between the Cobalt system and their Jira ticketing system. This makes it easier to get findings out to developers quickly so they can be remediated earlier.
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“Cobalt has been the easiest for us to work with. In prior cases, we've had to engage a company, go through a lot of paperwork, and it would take many days to even get testing started with our systems.”
Robert George
Principal Cybersecurity Architect at Sentara

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