Modern Pentesting for Financial Services

Learn How Cobalt’s PtaaS Platform Can Help Strengthen Your FinTech Data Protection

As a Financial Services company, you rely on your technology to keep the business running. Unfortunately, the ongoing management of financial data makes you constantly susceptible to cyber attacks that can put your organization and customer’s private information at risk. Cobalt’s SaaS platform, coupled with an exclusive community of expert pentesters, helps companies like yours remediate risk and stay secure.

With Cobalt, you can:

  • Scale offensive security operations
  • Ensure continuous penetration testing 
  • Implement a data-driven pentesting approach
  • Strengthen your organization's security posture
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A Dynamic Pentest Platform




Launch Pentests in Days, Not Weeks
The Cobalt platform is designed for faster planning, scheduling, and onboarding. So whether it’s your first pentest or your fiftieth, you can quickly scope and spin up a new pentest with ease.
Customer Spotlight
A challenge that many red teams see nowadays is getting the right talent all the time. And even if you can get the right talent, getting a fresh perspective can be difficult because things become jaded when you get used to a specific environment. Credit Karma was looking for a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their ecosystem and they found that with Cobalt's Pentest as a Service solution.
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“We are a happy customer so far and have already finished our second test. And we encourage all our customers to use to ensure that everyone we work with has secure practices in place.”
Guido Reismüller
VP of Information Security at SolarisBank

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